Automatic Plaster Production Line

1.We will provide the best service in sales.
2.Provide standard equipment and flow charts.
3.Provide professional packaging videos that let you directly experience our machines....
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Product Description

Automatic plaster production line

This machine is a domestic advanced product specially designed for paste packaging on the basis of multi-function pillow packaging machines of our company, and absorbs advanced foreign technology, combined with national conditions, strictly according to the requirements of the 'GMP' specification, and specially designed for paste packaging. Bag making, pasting, printing of batch numbers, four-side sealing, tearing, cutting and packaging of finished products are all done at once. The whole machine adopts man-machine interface, the host machine is controlled by all servo motors, and the bag length is accurate and stable. It has the characteristics of automatic left and right deviation correction, front and rear photoelectric registration, six sets of temperature control, and free film setting. The history of manual packaging for plaster, this machine has superior performance and high technology content, and is the first choice for automatic packaging of plaster.




Production capacity

30-500 bags / min

Package Size

Abrasive tool packaging, typesetting according to product specifications, abrasive tools can be replaced

Rated frequency


Rated voltage

AC380V (three-phase four-wire)

Total power


Machine weight



L × W × H

11000 × 2700 × 2600㎜

Our Service:

Pre-sale service:

1.We will provide the best service in sales.

2.Provide standard equipment and flow charts.

3.Provide professional packaging videos that let you directly experience our machines.

4.According to the special requirements of customers, provide reasonable solutions and free design to help select equipment.

Services during sales:

1.Professional engineers design any custom packaging machine that requires special packaging for ease of operation and reasonable cost.

2.LiHong has a well-trained team that can follow your order in an orderly manner to ensure that products are delivered to quality products on time to meet any of your requirements.

3.Welcome to visit our factory or our domestic customer's factory.

4.Check the machine before leaving the factory and take a video to check with the customer.

After Sales Service:

1.Machine installation, adjustment, setup, maintenance management / manual (Chinese and English version) / video is available for you to display the packaging machine installation process.

2.We provide installation training free of charge at the factory.

3.LiHong has an independent after-sales service team. In any emergency, please contact the salesperson or our after-sales manager for 24-hour face-to-face communication via telecommunications or online;

4.If you agree to pay the fee, you can send a passionate engineer and technician to your country. We will provide professional engineers for the installation of our customers' factories. Customers need to provide accommodation, food, transportation, visa fees, etc.

5.Machine warranty period: 1 year (electrical accessories) and lifetime free maintenance (excluding shipping); during the warranty period, if any component damage is not caused by human. We will replace you with a new one for free. The warranty will begin after the machine issues the bill of lading we received. After the warranty period, replacement parts are available at a certain cost.

Equipment Process

Hang the coated paste roll of the specified size on the main and auxiliary double-station servo-controlled unwinding rolls. After the storage device, the material will be automatically received without stopping. Through the traction station, the "s" type slitting will be performed. Work station, longitudinal slitting u station, separated by 5-20mm on both sides, and then enter the negative pressure die-cutting roller die-cutting, and then transferred to the first-level vacuum conveyor belt. At this time, the paste tablets are photographed on the secondary conveyor belt (in the later stage, they are uniformly removed at the bagged product), while the secondary conveyor belt is knocked down to the tertiary conveyor through a five-way knocking device controlled by a servo motor Belt, three-stage conveyor belt is designed as a stacking device, and 2 pieces are removed each time to the inner packaging machine conveyor chain slot.

The paste passes through the chain conveying mechanism and enters the packaging bag. The self-sealing strip is sealed first, and then it is longitudinally sealed 3 times in succession (there is a water cooling device to prevent wrinkle deformation). Horizontal sealing (there is a water cooling device at the back to prevent wrinkle deformation). During the process, a correction device is used to prevent the process from drifting. Then, after cutting the waste edges on both sides of the seal, cross-cutting with a hob, and then removing the unqualified products by taking pictures of the die-cut and detecting the thickness after bagging (whether the number of tablets meets the requirements).


Q1: Which machine do you require?

A: We have many models of machine, please contact our sales office who will assist you to select the best machine to suit your requirements.

Q2: Can you make the machines as buyers’ requests for us?

A:Yes. We have a professional team with rich experience to design and manufacturing.

Q3: How long is the warranty?

A: Machine with one year warranty, if any parts broken,we will send new spare parts to buyer via DHL within 24 hours,life-long maintenance.

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